Rubint Avraham Peter

(1958- )

Main exhibitions:

2020 - Greacechurch, Sutton Coldfield, Anglia
2020 - Thoresby Galéria, Anglia
2020 - Southwell Minster Cathedral, Anglia
2019-2020 - KOR-ART Galéria Budapest - "Here and Now"
2019 -Antik and Art Művészeti kiállítás, Budapest
2018 -Dávid Galéria, Budapest
2014-2019 - "Lakásgaléria", Újpesti Rakpart, Budapest
2010 - Bakers Street, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
2009 - Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
2007-2010 - No1 Diamond Center, Ramat Gan, Israel
2004-2012 - Rubint Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2000 - New York, USA
2000 - Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
1998 - Mednyánszky Galéria, Budapest
1997 - Csók Galéria, Budapest
1992 - Toronto, Canada
1992 - Tel Aviv, Israel
1986 - München, Germany
1984 - Amszterdam, The Netherlands

Mr Avraham Peter Rubint was born in Budapest in 1958. He has been painting for 43 years. He is one of the Central-European pioneers of gestural abstraction. 

According to art historian Anna Radics (2019): 

"The Artist of the Moments. 

In his art all at once his innermost passion, the wild storms of human duality and the settling down of silent meditation could be found. In his master handling artwork, he owns a range from miniature paintings to the size of several meters. 

His walk of life is novelistic. 

His artwork should be divided not into eras but chapters. 

I. The Timeless Man 
II. The Golgotha of my own era
III. The Artist of World Dance - Flower Dance
IV. My friend Mr. Laszlo Nagy 

He is a traveller, world observer artist. He grasps and shows the moments. Rubint's art can be found in Hungary, in the USA, in Paris and in Israel. His extensive travels in Europe and the Middle-East brought him closer to art. 

At the beginning he used watercolours and later oil in his paintings. His style of painting is close to abstract-expressionism. In his paintings the artistic gestures with the natural phenomenon's are combined in a way. 

>>Peter Avraham Rubint wonders at the world with a child's eye. Details reveal in front of his eyes which are hidden from everyday people. His paintings are windows which make visible for everyone his world with his playfil and full of faith stories which cannot be put in words. Rubint portrays the invisible.<<"

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