Rubint Art Foundation

Rubint Ávrahám Péter Művészeti Alapítvány (HU)

(Rubint Gallery, 2021 - 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 6.)

On-going exhibition: "Doorsteps"

Mr Rubint came back to Budapest 5 years ago. Since then, he's been working on a new collection inspired by his new chapter in the Hungarian capital. Most of the his works exhibited were painted between 2018-2020 in his downtown studio at Újpesti Rakpart. 

He always says: every doorstep is an opportunity.

The Rubint Avraham Peter Art Foundation was founded in 2019 by painter artist Mr. Avraham Peter Rubint. 

The main mission of the organization is to support and present Mr. Rubint's life-work to its audience. Another goal of the Foundation is to manage the outstanding Rubint's Collection which includes thousands of unique paintings. 

This is the reason why the organization keeps in touch with the collectors all around the world. Our plan intends to frequently exhibit the earlier works of Mr. Rubint in collaboration with domestic and European galleries and exhibition spaces. 

 The Rubint Art Foundation also stores, regularly evaluates the new works and ensures to provide the provision of authenticity (certificates). Our responsibilities include managing the online presence, presenting and processing additional archival materials. 

The Foundation believes that contemporary art allows recipients to understand the deeper meanings behind the piece of art since the artists can be asked. Thus, our organization collaborates with young professionals to implement a new and more effective model of Art Management and Communications. 

The concept of the Rubint Museum

Following the establishment of the Rubint Art Gallery, we are committed to building the RUBINT MUSEUM and CONTEMPORARY ART VISITOR CENTER with the help of the community to invite families to the world of creation. Each contribution counts since caring for and supporting the long-term survival of our cultural heritage is ammunition for the future of our children.

At Rubint Art Foundation, we are open to all kinds of collaboration!